Premium Quality PDC Bits

Since 1982 TORQUATO DRILLING ACCESSORIES, INC. has been a dependable supplier of DRILLING BITS & ACCESSORIES to drilling contractors worldwide. Our world class Premium Quality Silver Bullet PDC Bits represent the finest in steel body PDC bit technology.   State-of -the art designs and precision machining combined with the use of only Premium Western-made PDC… Read more »

Please check out our brand new BLOG for Oil & Gas Completions Professionals.   We will provide up-to-the-minute details on our various COMPLETION BITS and how to select the correct bit for your specific completions program.   We now offer our world famous PLUGBUSTER and SUPERMILLS as well as our brand new line of FRAC… Read more »

Long Laterals Demand The PLUGBUSTER !

If you’re drilling out frac plugs on a super (long) lateral well and you’re not using a PLUGBUSTER ………… you’re asking for trouble !! The PLUGBUSTER was designed especially for use on super (long) lateral oil & gas wells.  The performance of the PLUGBUSTER is unequaled when it comes to frac plug drill outs.  … Read more »


If you’re not using a PLUGBUSTER Completion Bit you’re using the wrong bit !!   That’s right.   Only a PLUGBUSTER has the ability to drill out more frac plugs than other milling bits on the market. Only a PLUGBUSTER can save $$$$ by eliminating BIT TRIPS on deep horizontal well completions. NO MOVING PARTS… Read more »

Frac Water Supply Hose Fittings

Our brand new QUIK-CONNECT Frac Water Supply Hose Fittings are desgined to provide fast and efficient hose connections for fracking operations.  The QUIK-CONNECT Frac Water Supply Hose Fittings can be threaded onto any standard water supply hose. A simple PUSH is all it takes to complete the leakproof connection.   A QUIK-CONNECT connection is much… Read more »

Wellbore Cleanout Bits

In a time where increased efficiency is paramount to oil & gas producers worldwide we are pleased to promote our PLUGBUSTER wellbore cleanout bits.   The PLUGBUSTER is a well-established completion bit that has already received worldwide recognition as one of the premier bits on the market for drilling out composite frac plugs, sliding sleeves,… Read more »

Recognizing The Hazards & Precautions Of Oil Drilling

Torquato Drilling Accessories is here to offer you premium drilling tools like PDC bits and frac plugs. We also want to help you better recognize some of the most prevalent hazards of oil drilling and what you can do to take the proper precautions to safeguard your employees. Teach yourself and your employees how to… Read more »

The Risks & Rewards Of Drilling In The Arctic

Anyone in the drilling industry is probably well aware of the treasure trove waiting to be uncovered in the Arctic. According to reports, roughly 30 percent of the globe’s uncovered natural gas reserves reside in the Arctic along with an estimated 13 percent of the world’s oil. Before your start purchasing oil drill bits from… Read more »