Frac Water Supply Hose Quik-Connect Fittings

Nuestra nueva marca QUIK-CONNECT Frac agua guarniciones de manguera están diseñado para proporcionar conexiones de manguera rápidos y eficientes para las operaciones de fracturamiento hidráulico. Las conexiones de manguera de suministro de agua Frac QUIK-CONNECT puede enroscarse en cualquier manguera de agua estándar.

Un simple EMPUJÓN es todo lo que necesita para completar la conexión de prueba de fugas. A QUIK-CONNECT connection is much smarter and safer than antiquated Hammer Union Connections which take considerably more time to connect and disconnect. Además, our QUIK-CONNECT connections virtually eliminate the possibility of injuries normally associated with hammer unions. No more sledge hammersjust a simple PUSH and you’re done.

Disconnecting is just as easy. Just push down on the release ring and the hoses will quickly pull apart. No more hammering, no more banging, no more cross threadsjust easy and trouble free connections.

Our QUIK-CONNECT Frac Water Supply Hose Fittings are manufactured from a special hi-performance alloy which is resistant to chemicals and abrasion making them ideal for flowback waste water as well. Using our QUIK-CONNECT Frac Water Supply Hose Fittings is a win/win. Check out our website or contact us for more details at:

Using our QUIK-CONNECT Frac Water Supply Hose Fittings will save a considerable amount of time and money. It is estimated that our QUIK-CONNECT fittings on a typical fracking operation can save in excess of $ 250,000.00 on a single well.

Get smart. Get our QUIK-CONNECT Frac Water Supply Hose Fittings on order today !!!


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