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The development of the unconventional drilling method of horizontal drilling into the oil and gas bearing shale formations has boosted the United States to one of the leading energy producing nations in the world. These shale formations which hold a wealth of energy require stimulation in order to release the various forms of energy into production wells. The most common of these methods is hydraulic fracturing or fracing.

The process involves injecting large volumes of water and sand under high pressure into isolated zones within the well. This process is designed to create small cracks or fractures in the shale formation which allosthe energy contained therein to flow freely into the well.

Recent developments in the hydraulic fracturing (fracing) process indicate that by reducing the spacing between the “perf clusters” thus creating more isolation zones, a significant increase in well production is possible in most cases. This procedure of creating more isolation zones require the use of many more “frac plugs” per well. SILVER BULLET FRAC PLUGS are ideal for these applications due to their compact design and space age composite materials used in their production. These features provide for improved sealing characteristics and shorter drill out times.

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Our compact COMPOSITE FRAC PLUGS represent the latest in composite material technology for improved sealing characteristics and lightening fast drill outs with our PLUGBUSTER completion bits.

6 - 10 Minute Drill Out Times!

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Our compact design is perfect for longer laterals. We provide better isolation and faster production.
We specialize in compact COMPOSITE FRAC PLUGS for 4-1/2” and 5-1/2” well casing.

FRAC 45 PLUG...........14” Long
FRAC 55 PLUG.........16.3” Long

Check out these important features:

  • One-Piece composite upper slip with mild steel buttons for better grip
    and full composite seal to casing I.D.
  • Cast iron lower slip for better grip and minimal casing damage during operation
  • Simple construction with fewer components for trouble-free operation.
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- the best combination available for dependable fracing and drill outs.

Plugbuster Frac Plug Logo No more tripping out to change bits.
PLUGBUSTER stays in the hole until the job is done.
One day completions are now possible with Silver Bullet Frac Plugs and Plugbuster bits.

Contact us for details and price information.

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