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torquato pdc rock drill bit New unconventional oil & gas drilling methods have created the demand for a new generation of high performance PDC drilling bits. Our SILVER BULLET PDC DRILLING BITS represent the latest in design and manufacturing technology. Our strong multi-blade profiles provide excellent balance to ensure smooth drilling performance at high rotation speeds making SILVER BULLET PDC DRILLING BITS well suited for use with large powerful rotary drilling rigs and high speed drilling motors. We presently use (5) and (6) blade designs for our premium oil & gas drilling bits.

Our SILVER BULLET PDC DRILLING BITS feature a low profile, compact design making them well suited for directional drilling. Our unique bit designs deliver consistent vertical penetration rates while the compact profile provides excellent “steerability” necessary for the transition from vertical to horizontal drilling. Combined with our designs, precision machining and a high concentration of premium grade PDC cutters positioned for maximum coverage ensure dependable drilling performance through the bend to TD. Precisely positioned threaded nozzles are installed for flushing of drilled cuttings into the large junk slots. Serrated tungsten carbide inserts are installed for excellent gauge wear protection to ensure consistent hole diameter and maximum service life.

In addition to oil & gas exploration our SILVER BULLET PDC DRILLING BITS are used in many other applications from water well drilling and geothermal system installations to specialty fields such as cathodic corrosion protection and mining exploration. Coal exploration and coal bed methane (CBM) production in particular are ideal uses for Silver Bullet PDC Drilling Bits.

SILVER BULLET PDC DRILLING BITS are very effective for drilling shales as well as course grained cemented formations including sandstone and limestone. Drilling penetration rates (ROP) achieved with SILVER BULLET PDC DRILLING BITS exceed those of DTH HAMMERS and TRICONE BITS in these conditions while providing significant operational savings in areas including fuel and labor costs.

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We also design and manufacture SILVER BULLET PDC DRILLING BITS in a variety of special application profiles which include:

MODIFIED FLAT FACE PROFILE is a high performance design which was developed for pilot hole drilling on horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects. The flat profile positions all cutters on the same plane in a full coverage pattern which is very effective for drilling competent formations such as sandstone and limestone. Large flushing ports are positioned for effective cleaning during the drilling process. This profile is also well suited as oil & gas work over bits for fast and efficient drill out of cement. In addition, many of our professional geothermal drilling contractors use our MODIFIED FLAT FACE PROFILE bits for dependable and economical drilling performance for installation of geothermal loops.

3-BLADE DESIGN PROFILE is another popular design which is a favorite for use with drilling motors. The balanced 3-BLADE DESIGN PROFILE delivers fast penetration rates while minimizing torque build-up during the drilling process. Large flushing ports and junk slots are provided for effective removal of drilled cuttings.

DRILLING MOTOR BITS known as “MOTO-BITS” have been developed for use with small diameter drilling motors including the 1-11/16” size which is used primarily for coal bed methane (CBM) applications. We produce this dynamic line of high performance PDC bits in sizes beginning with 2” (1” AMMT thread). Our “MOTO-BITS” are all produced in the FLAT FACE design for very effective and economical drilling performance.

SILVER BULLET PDC DRILLING BITS are available in a full range of sizes up to 12-1/4” including custom sizes as required by our customers. We welcome the opportunity to develop custom sizes for special project applications.

torquato pdc rock drill bitPRIVATE LABEL BITS are available for individual bit dealers or distributors insisting on marketing high performance PDC BITS under their own name and painted with their specific color. Our standard bit markings include only BIT SIZE, THREAD SIZE and BIT SERIAL NUMBER. Our private label customers can offer the entire SILVER BULLET lineup including their own custom color without risk of revealing the name of the original manufacturer giving them added protection in the market place. This service is especially important for OEM accounts wishing to add a strong line of PDC BITS to their existing product line.

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torquato pdc rock drill bit torquato pdc rock drill bit torquato pdc rock drill bit torquato pdc rock drill bit

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