PDC Bits

Increase Efficiency with Silver Bullet PDC Drill Bits For more than 30 years, our team at Torquato Drilling Accessories has been committed to providing the best products at affordable prices. We have extensive experience working in the energy industry and understand that the job often calls for advanced,reliable equipment. We offer a full line of… Read more »

Plugbuster Bits

Lower Your Completion Costs With A Plugbuster Milling Bit Torquato Drilling Accessories is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of thru tubing tools for tight oil and gas. With the development of unconventional drilling methods we immediately recognized the need for a specialized milling tool to effectively and efficiently drill out composite frac… Read more »

DTH Hammer Bits

  Here at Torquato we take pride in providing the highest quality oil drill bits and DTH Hammer Bits for use in drilling water wells, oil and gas projects, and construction and engineering projects. Since 1982 we have been providing our global customers with large diameter bits in diverse sizes, styles, and functions. At Torquato,… Read more »

Frac Plugs

Our ADVANTAGE composite bridge plugs and frac plugs represent the latest in composite technology and down hole technology. ADVANTAGE composite bridge plugs and frac plugs are used to isolate multiple zones during high pressure frac operations. The ADVANTAGE composite bridge plug is designed to temporarily seal a well or to provide isolation from either above… Read more »


  At Torquato Drilling Accessories, we are pioneers in geothermal drilling. As the first company to offer PDC bits, we have changed the way geothermal drilling is approached. With a goal to expand product lines and improve the industry, we have developed a variety of products that have given our customers and edge over competition…. Read more »


Here at Torquato, we take great pride in providing Horizontal Directional Drilling Bits and Reamers. Our HDD reamers offer improved pilot hole drilling for anyone working in the Directional Drilling industry. Our PDC bits have been manufactured to withstand long periods of high speed drilling for horizontal pilot holes, especially in rock formations such as… Read more »

Reverse Circulation PDC Bits

For over 30 years, our team at Torquato Drilling Accessories has been committed to two things: delivering excellent customer service and offering superior products. The drilling products we offer include frac plugs, PDC bits, hole openers, HDD reamers, and more. Our reverse circulation PDC bits are dependable and ideal for large-diameter water well drilling. Performance… Read more »

PDC Workover Bits

Accelerate Drilling and Reaming With the Help of Torquato Drilling Accessories At Torquato Drilling Accessories, we tirelessly endeavor to bring drilling performance dreams to reality. Through the use of both our PDC Bits and our PDC Hole Openers, it is possible to experience unrivaled performance across a variety of circumstances. Please Click an image to… Read more »

MWD Parts

We now offer a wide range of MWD (Measurement While Drilling) Parts for the global directional drilling industry. Our precision machined parts represent the highest quality available at extremely attractive prices. Our ability to complete most orders in short periods of time make us a dependable source for MWD PARTS.   Please Click an image… Read more »

PDC Hole Openers

CUT COST AND INCREASE PERFORMANCE PDC Hole Openers Are Available In 1-Piece Designs In Sizes Up To 26” Our REPLACEABLE BLADE PDC HOLE OPENERS Are Available In Sizes Up To 30” PDC Hole Openers Drill Faster And Smoother Than Roller Cone Hole Openers PDC Hole Openers Have Longer Service Life Than Roller Cone Hole Openers… Read more »


Download Product Brochure Our 4-5/8” SUPERMILL is the best PDC BIT on the planet for drilling out composite frac plugs in 5-1/2” 20 LB/FT Casing. Our new SUPERMILL represents a completely new design featuring multiple blades and far more PDC cutters than any comparable tool on the market. We designed the SUPERMILL specifically for long… Read more »


Torquato Drilling Accessories has provided drill bits and tools since 1982. With more than 30 years of experience, the quality and workmanship of our products are second to none. Our extensive line of PDC bits, hole openers, and more has been specially developed and crafted to serve today’s primary energy markets such as oil and gas drilling and the coal bed methane industry. Having extensive knowledge in the application and equipment processes required for these demanding fields, we understand the importance of supplying products that surpass expectations.

Specialized Products for a Global Market

Our clients include professional contractors in the fields of cathodic corrosion protection and directional drilling. We know that our customers expect tools that meet top performance and safety standards, and we strive only to develop products that exceed these standards. Our high-performance drilling tools include a comprehensive line of drilling motors, high-speed motor bits, and our world-renowned Silver Bullet PDC drilling bits.

Our business experience spans more than three decades of international commerce. Overseas customers have come to rely upon us for drilling tools and accessories that stand up to the rigorous demands of the energy drilling industry. We are happy to ship our products to any airport or global port.

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We are always happy to meet new customers and, through our exemplary service and superior products, show them why they should trust Torquato Drilling Accessories. And, of course, we are grateful to our established clients for their confidence and trust.

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