Black Beauty Frac Plugs

black-beauty-logoIf you are an oil and gas well completions specialist involved in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) ourBlack Beauty Frac Plugs are just for you. Recent developments in well design and completionindicate that by extending the length of the laterals and reducing the spacing between “perf clusters”there will be a significant increase in well production. A critical item in this process is the Frac Plug. Our Black Beauty Frac Plugs represent the latest in composite material technology and plug design.

Why Use Black Beauty Frac Plugs ?

black-beauty-rotateBlack Beauty Frac Plugs are the ideal choice for dependable zone isolation in horizontal and verticaloil and gas wells. The strong and rugged design of our Black Beauty Frac Plugs provide consistentsealing and ease of milling. Normal drill out times range between 10 – 20 minutes per plug. It isimportant to note that milling speed alone should not be your deciding factor when selecting fracplugs. Setting our Black Beauty Frac Plugs is accomplished using standard setting tools such asBaker and Owen. A setting tool adapter kit is required which can be used for multiple plugs. Our “nopre-set” feature is your assurance of trouble free setting plug after plug. The unique design of ourBlack Beauty Frac Plugs allow you to easily choose between drop ball, caged ball or bridge plug withthe use of simple adapters and basic hand tools.

What Sizes Do We Offer ?

We offer our 10K Black Beauty Frac Plugs for use in 3-1/2″, 4-1/2″, 5-1/2″ and 7″ casing. Specifications, special sizes and types are available upon request.

Our Plugbuster XLR Is The Best For Milling

We strongly recommend the use of our Plugbuster XLR milling bits for all of your frac plug and fracsleeve milling. The key to effective and consistent frac plug milling is to select the right tool that isdesigned to produce small cuttings and limit torque build-up. We recommend a controlled (slow)milling procedure which will grind the composite material into smaller pieces thus eliminating flowback issues.

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Since 1982 we have been a trusted supplier of premium drilling tools and accessories to customersworldwide. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver your order anywhere in theworld on time to meet your requirements.

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As a global supplier Torquato Drilling Accessories is ready to supply you with the highest qualityproducts and the Black Beauty Frac Plugs are no exception. You can depend on us for reliable toolsneeded to get the most from your frac jobs. We invite you to browse our products online or call ustoday at (800) 500-2487.