“GRIZZLEY” Hydraulic Breakout Tool

grizzley-breakout-system-aThe “GRIZZLEY” hydraulic breakout tool is a completely self-contained all-hydraulic breakout tool for drill pipe, drill collars, drill bits, drilling motors and DTH hammers. The “GRIZZLEY” features two strong hydraulic wrenches designed to securely hold and break threaded connections between drill string components in a smooth and efficient manner.
The “GRIZZLEY” breakout tool is an extremely rugged and robust tool designed for extreme use whether mounted directly to the drill rig, used remotely or bench mounted horizontally for shop use. Unlike other breakout tools the “GRIZZLEY” uses (4) hardened steel jaws on each wrench for black-bear-amaximum gripping power. Since the unit does not use chains as other units on the market the “GRIZZLEY” offers absolute “hands free” operation thus reducing the risk of personal injury.
“GRIZZLEY” and “GRIZZLEY JUNIOR” Models Are Available
The “GRIZZLEY” model has a large range capacity up to 10-3/4” for large drill pipe, drill collars and DTH hammers. The “GRIZZLEY JUNIOR” is a smaller model with a capacity up to 5-1/2” making ideal for bench mounting applications such as breaking down drilling motors and other drilling components.


Size Range 2-3/8″ – 10-3/4″ 2″ – 5-1/2″
Torque 13,000 Ft Lbs 10,000 Ft Lbs
Hydraulic Requirements 12 – 15 GPM @ 3,000 PSI 12 – 15 GPM @ 3,000 PSI
Weight 975 Lbs 750 Lbs

Note: Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice

The “GRIZZLEY” and “GRIZZLEY JUNIOR” models are supplied with (2) hydraulic hoses and a 3-valve hydraulic panel.   A simple connection to the drill rig hydraulic system or to an alternate source is all that’s required.  Optional forklift type skid base is available upon request

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