Silver Bullet Frac Plugs

frac-plugIf you are involved in multi-zone hydraulic fracturing our Silver Bullet Frac Plug is for you. Recent developments in the fracking process clearly indicate that by reducing the spacing between “perf clusters” a significant increase in well production is possible. This increased number of isolated “perf zones” require many more frac plugs to be deployed into the horizontal well. This process requires dependable and field-proven frac plugs like our Silver Bullet Frac Plug.

Why Use The Silver Bullet Frac Plug?

Silver Bullet Frac Plugs are ideal for these applications due to their compact design and space age composite materials used in their production. These features provide for dependable sealing characteristics and faster drill out times.

Faster, Better And More Reliable

Silver Bullet Frac Plugs are very popular in the global oil & gas drilling industry. Here are some of the many reasons why so many producers choose the Silver Bullet Frac Plugs over all others:

  • 6 – 10 Minute Drill Out Time Using Our PLUGBUSTER XLR Bits
  • Simple Construction With Fewer Components For Trouble Free Operation
  • Cast Iron Lower Slip For Improved Grip
  • Mild Steel Inserts On Upper Slip For Strong Grip & Minimal Casing Damage
  • Virtually Zero Presets In Thousands Of Runs
  • 600+ Feet Per Minute Vertical And Lateral Pump-Down Speed
  • Requires Up To 40% Less Water Than Other Plugs
  • Mates With Baker And Owen Setting Tools

For these reasons and others, the Silver Bullet Frac Plug delivers faster and more reliable results for your hydraulic fracturing programs.

Available Sizes

Our Silver Bullet Frac Plugs provide better isolation and faster installation than the competition and are available in the following sizes:

  • Frac Plug 45 – 14” Length For Use In 4-1/2” Well Casing
  • Frac Plug 55 – 16” Length For Use In 5-1/2” Well Casing

Frac Balls For Sliding Sleeve & Plug-And-Perf Hydraulic Fracturing

frac-ballsWe’ve got balls! If you’re searching for Frac Balls look no further. We supply a wide range of Frac Balls from 1.000” to 5.750” diameter which are produced from various materials for Sliding Sleeve Frac Applications.

Dissolvable Frac Balls

Our water dissolvable Frac Balls are made from high-strength polymer and can be used in both Sliding Sleeve as well as Plug-And-Perf applications.

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Torquato Drilling Accessories is here to supply you with the highest quality products and the Silver Bullet Frac Plug is no exception. You can depend on our (30) years of experience to provide you with the products you need at competitive prices. Please browse our products online of call us at (570) 457-8565 today.

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