Mudbug Geothermal Mud Rotary PDC Bits


What Makes The MUDBUG Different From Other PDC Bits

The MUDBUG is designed with very large flushing ports which allows the maximum volume of drilling fluid to wash away the softer material such as sticky clays and shales to avoid bit balling. Our full flow technology provides an unrestricted path for the drilling fluid in order to keep the bit face clean resulting in consistent drilling performance.


mudbugTorquato Drilling Accessories is a pioneer being one of the first to offer of PDC bits for geothermal drilling. Our Silver Bullet PDC Bits are used by drilling contractors worldwide for dependable and economic drilling performance. We developed the MUDBUG for the geothermal drilling industry to allow our customers to use our PDC bits in a variety of ground conditions. The MUDBUG is an extremely versatile drilling bit which works well in soft sticky clays as well as in the harder rock such as sandstone and limestone.

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