PDC Workover Bits

Accelerate Drilling and Reaming With the Help of Torquato Drilling Accessories

At Torquato Drilling Accessories, we tirelessly endeavor to bring drilling performance dreams to reality. Through the use of both our PDC Bits and our PDC Hole Openers, it is possible to experience unrivaled performance across a variety of circumstances.

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PDC Workover Bits Provide Exceptional Drilling Results

supermill sized bit

Our Supermill High-Speed Workover Bits are able to drill cement and CIBPs at a rate that is three times faster than roller cones. This is an outstanding performance capability in the drilling of either cement or cast-iron bridge plugs in gas and oil wells.

Our Silver Bullet PDC Workover Bits have been a reliable option for workover professionals for many years, as the profile of this bit enhances drilling speed while also delivering exceptional longevity.

Experience the Many Benefits of Faster Reaming with PDC Hole Openers

When it comes to the widening of pilot holes, there is no better option than our PDC Hole Openers. In fact, these can be used on pre-drilled pilot holes or for the boring of new holes altogether. Through the use of innovative design and quality materials, we are able to consistently deliver oil-drilling bits that are dependable and effective.

pdc workover bitOur bits are composed of premium-grade alloy steel that has been heat-treated. These bits offer a number of benefits to the user, including:

  • Tungsten carbide inserts to prevent wear and tear
  • No welded-on components
  • No moving parts
  • Smooth drill operation
  • Three times faster than welded roller cone hole openers
  • Better overall performance

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At Torquato Drilling Accessories, we feature products that are the best in the industry. We are able to boast a great deal of experience in this industry and we are able to understand the many challenges you face. If you are in need of any of our products or simply have a question, please feel free to contact us today at (800) 500-2487.




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