Silver Bullet Frac Plugs

FRAC PLUG COLORIf you are in the business of hydraulic fracturing, or fracing, the Silver Bullet Frac Plug is for you. Recent developments in the fracing process indicate that by reducing the spacing between the “perf clusters” and thus creating more isolation zones, a significant increase in well production is possible. In order to create these isolation zones, you must employ the use of frac plugs within the well. In addition to PDC bits, HDD reamers and other oil and gas drill bits, Torquato Drilling accessories offers the Silver Bullet Frac Plug.

Why Use the Silver Bullet Frac Plug?

Silver Bullet Frac Plugs are ideal for these applications due to their compact design and space age composite materials used in their production. These features provide for improved sealing characteristics and shorter drill out times.

Our compact composite frac plugs represent the latest in composite material technology for improved sealing characteristics and lightening fast drill outs.

Faster, Better, Reliable

There are several reasons that Silver Bullet Frac Plugs are among the most popular products in oil and gas drilling accessories. Here are some of the many reasons why so many choose to use Silver Bullet Frac Plugs:

  • 6-10 minute drill out times
  • Simple construction with fewer components for trouble-free operation
  • Cast iron lower slip for better grip and minimal casing damage during operation
  • No presets in 8,000+ runs
  • 600+ feet/minute vertical and lateral pump-down speed
  • 40% less water
  • Mates with Owen, Baker and standard hyrdraulic setting tools

For these reasons and others, the Silver Bullet Frac Plug delivers faster and more reliable results for your hydraulic fracturing efforts.

Sizing Options

Our compact design is perfect for longer laterals. We provide better isolation and faster production as well. We specialize in composite frac plugs for 4-1/2” and 5-1/2” well casing.

  • Frac 45 Plug – 14” Long
  • Frac 55 Plug – 16.3” Long

Get Started Today

Torquato Drilling Accessories is here to supply you with the highest quality products and the Silver Bullet Frac Plug is no exception. You can count on us for the reliable tools you need to get the most from your fracing efforts. To get started today, simply browse our products online or call us at (800)500-2487.