A Drill Bit for Every Occasion

Deep drilling is an operation important to many industrial applications. Many businesses depend on drilling operations being completed on time and without hassle. Companies providing these services can ensure that their clients are satisfied by choosing to use drill bits that are engineered to accomplish particular tasks effectively and with fewer delays. PDC drill bits are just some of the high quality equipment choices that Torquato makes available to discerning customers.

Industrial Drill Bits for Many Different Applications

Our company is best known for making a comprehensive oil drill bit selection available to our customers around the world. What many people do not realize is that our PDC drill bits are actually used by construction companies, mining operations, and by many other companies working outside of the oil field. These are just a few of the operations that companies undertake with the help of our exceptional products:

  • Horizontal drilling
  • Natural gas infrastructure development
  • Geothermal applications
  • Coal and other mineral extraction
  • Any deep well drilling

The Quality Demanded by Modern Industries

Each drill bit we carry has been selected for its quality, durability, dependability, and overall performance characteristics. No matter which operation you wish to achieve, we can help you find the right tool for the job.

Our company’s founder, Tony Torquato, helped develop many of the products we sell, like the Plugbuster frac plug milling bit. His personal experience using various drilling products led to the creation of the drill bits that we sell today. This is why so many companies in so many different industries trust our product selection.

Need Help Choosing a Part?

Torquato has provided oil drill bit equipment to agencies working in numerous industries. We understand that selecting the right bit is an essential part of completing each job. Our associates have considerable industry insight and will be happy to help each customer select the drill bit that is best suited to each application. Call us today or use our online contact form to connect with a Torquato sales associate!

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