The latest trend in the oil & gas industry is the RE-FRACTURING of previously fractured wells. This process is extremely beneficial since it re-stimulates the shale formations to increase the flow of oil & gas. The cost of RE-FRACTURING is cost effective in comparison to drilling and completing new wells.  For example the typical cost… Read more »


Torquato Drilling Accessories, Inc. offers a complete range of high speed HDD PDC REAMERS for dependable horizontal directional drilling.  Our HDD REAMERS are designed for smooth operation and long service life.  The compact designs and solid 1-piece construction deliver consistent reaming performance bore after bore.  If you’re doing long HDD BORES you should be looking… Read more »


We supply a complete range of high performance fixed cutter WORKOVER BITS that deliver consistent performance and offer significant advantages over other types of workover bits on the market including traditional tricone roller cone bits. The key to the outstanding performance of our WORKOVER BITS is the smooth cutting action of our premium PDC cutters… Read more »

Effective Clean-Out & Well Management

The PLUGBUSTER is a solid 1-piece alloy steel high performance milling tool designed for smooth and efficient wellbore clean-out. With no moving parts and premium PDC cutters the PLUGBUSTER is designed to remove scale, cement and other debris that restricts normal well production. The PLUGBUSTER is the best option for trouble free completions and maximum… Read more »


PLUGBUSTER – WELLBORE CLEAN OUT TOOLS   Wellbore cleaning is a key factor in maintaining maximum well production.  Scheduled cleanout operations remove accumulated solids that could lead to well underperformance. The PLUGBUSTER is the most efficient wellbore clean out tool for removing scale, cement and other solids from wellbore production casing. The tapered profile,  strong… Read more »

Premium Quality PDC Bits

Since 1982 TORQUATO DRILLING ACCESSORIES, INC. has been a dependable supplier of DRILLING BITS & ACCESSORIES to drilling contractors worldwide. Our world class Premium Quality Silver Bullet PDC Bits represent the finest in steel body PDC bit technology.   State-of -the art designs and precision machining combined with the use of only Premium Western-made PDC… Read more »

Please check out our brand new BLOG for Oil & Gas Completions Professionals.   We will provide up-to-the-minute details on our various COMPLETION BITS and how to select the correct bit for your specific completions program.   We now offer our world famous PLUGBUSTER and SUPERMILLS as well as our brand new line of FRAC… Read more »

Long Laterals Demand The PLUGBUSTER !

If you’re drilling out frac plugs on a super (long) lateral well and you’re not using a PLUGBUSTER ………… you’re asking for trouble !! The PLUGBUSTER was designed especially for use on super (long) lateral oil & gas wells.  The performance of the PLUGBUSTER is unequaled when it comes to frac plug drill outs.  … Read more »