Cleaning out sand, scale and other solids from oil & gas well production tubing is a major part of the coiled tubing (CT) industry worldwide.  Small diameter PLUGBUSTER bits are ideal for this purpose by effectively removing sand plugs and other solids in a single pass.

Small diameter PLUGBUSTERS are available in sizes ranging from 1.700” to 1.850” with 1” AMMT threads.  Other sizes are available upon request.

Small diameter PLUGBUSTERS are designed for thru tubing cleanouts inside 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” oil & gas well production tubing.  The robust self-centering, one-piece tapered profile design combined with premium quality PDC cutters enable the PLUGBUSTER to effectively drill thru sand plugs and other solids without damage to the tubing, liners or casing for trouble free completions.

The design of our small diameter PLUGBUSTER includes an upward-facing venturi port which increases uphole velocity to expediate the removal of sand and other materials from inside the production tubing.