Once the fracing is completed there is only one thing standing between the wellhead and the flow of clean energy from below and that’s a string of composite frac plugs. The successful milling of these plugs depends heavily on selecting the right tool for the job. Time is money in this business so you don’t want any additional delays resulting in poor milling performance. Unlike other tools on the market the PLUGBUSTER was designed exclusively for milling out composite frac plugs. It’s the best tool on the market for milling out plugs and here are (5) Gründe, warum:


1) KEINE BEWEGLICHEN TEILE – The PLUGBUSTER has a very strong 1-piece design that plows through frac plugs like a knife through butter. With no moving parts the PLUGBUSTER can be operated at much faster rotation speeds to make quick work of milling through a string of plugs. More importantly since there are NO MOVING PARTS there is no worry of parts breaking off in the well which often results in unnecessary tripping and fishing.


2) TAPERED PROFILE – The PLUGBUSTER features a unique TAPERED PROFILE which engages the plug then chews it up in small pieces.


3) DIAMOND CUTTERS – We use only the highest quality diamond cutters in every PLUGBUSTER. This allows the PLUGBUSTER to consistently mill out more frac plugs in less time than any other tool on the market.


4) FASTER MILLINGWhat makes the PLUGBUSTER the best choice for milling plugs is it’s ability to drill out virtually any type of composite frac plug. The PLUGBUSTER easily chews up plugs with cast or aluminum components too. Typical milling times range from 10 – 20 Minuten pro Stecker !


5) LONGER LATERALSLonger laterals are no challenge for the PLUGBUSTER. You can consistently mill out 50 – 60 Stecker mit einem einzigen PLUGBUSTER.


Wir freuen uns, Ihnen die PLUGBUSTERS an Energieproduzenten und Dienst Auftragnehmer quer durch die USA und in unseren etablierten internationalen Märkten, einschließlich Australien liefern, Kanada, CHINA, Kolumbien, Indonesien, Mexiko, Oman, PERU and the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. New customers are coming on board every day as the word spreads about the effectiveness of the PLUGBUSTER and it’s superior performance in horizontal oil & Gas gut Vervollständigungen.

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