Seit 1982 TORQUATO BOHREN ZUBEHÖR, INC. wurde ein zuverlässiger Lieferant von BITS Bohren & Zubehör zum Bohren Vertragspartnern weltweit.

Unsere Weltklasse Premium Silver Bullet PDC Qualitätsbits vertreten vom feinsten Stahlkörper PDC-Bit-Technologie. State-of -the art designs and precision machining combined with the use of only Premium Western-made PDC Cutters make our SILVER BULLET PDC BITS the finest and most economical bits you can buy.

As a trusted supplier of PDC BITS and specialty tooling for the past 35 years we have the knowledge, experience and know-how to give you the best drilling performance at the lowest possible prices. Whether you are drilling shallow oil & Gasbohrungen, geothermal wells or horizontal bores for pipelines you can depend on the performance and ultimate value of our SILVER BULLET PDC BITS.

Faster drilling and longer runs are just two of the advantages of using only genuine SILVER BULLET PDC BITS. Don’t be tricked into buying cheap imported bits from China. You will only be disappointed. We are INNOVATORSnot duplicatorswhen it comes to new designs and new applications.

ALL PDC BITS ARE NOT CREATED EQUALLY. Only with our genuine SILVER BULLET PDC BITS are you assured of consistent quality and dependable performance.

We design a complete range of SILVER BULLET PDC BITS from 3-7/8to 24″. Contact us today with your requirements.

SILVER BULLET PDC BITS are the finest you can buy. Let us show you why !!!

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