Laterales largo demandan la PLUGBUSTER

Si usted está perforación hacia fuera tapa de frac en una super (largo) laterales bien y usted no está utilizando un PLUGBUSTER ………… Estás buscando problemas !!

El PLUGBUSTER was designed especially for use on super (largo) aceite lateral & pozos de gas. The performance of the PLUGBUSTER is unequaled when it comes to frac plug drill outs. One PLUGBUSTER is all it takes to drill out up to as many as 65 frac plugs without incident !

The solid 1-piece design of the PLUGBUSTER eliminates the possibility of losing parts in the well resulting in costly fishing operations. Secondly, the PLUGBUSTER features a self-centering TAPERED PROFILE loaded with PDC cutters that simultaneously drills and reams each plug quickly and completely.

Whether your drilling out composite plugs, frac sleeves, frac ports or ball seats the only tool you should be using is the PLUGBUSTER. You’re taking a big chance using anything else.

Roller cone bits were never designed for drilling out frac plugs. El (3) moving cones and small ball bearings usually wear out before the job is done. Just one lost cone can cost thousands of dollars in down-time and fishing.

El PLUGBUSTER keeps on drilling long after the roller cone bits have failed.

Get Smart. Use the tool used by most completions professionals on super (largo) laterals ………. the PLUGBUSTER.

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2 Respuestas a “Laterales largo demandan la PLUGBUSTER !”

  1. Matt

    Mr. Torquato,
    Do you have case studies for the Plugbuster? We are looking for application in 5.5″ 20# P-110 casing for drilling composite frac plugs. We have upwards of 80+ plugs in our wells.

    • Tony Torquato

      Hi Matt. Thanks for your message. Our PLUGBUSTER and SUPERMILL completion bits are designed for use on today’s SUPERLATERALS. While we would recommend either one I believe the SUPERMILL would be the best choice since it is an 8-blade design that might give you smaller cuttings. You can contact our distributor in OklahomaRED BONE SERVICES for more details. Please contact Wes Marshall at (580) 515-2248. If you need additional information please contact me anytime. I will send you an e-mail message with more specifics. I appreciate your interest in our PLUGBUSTER and SUPERMILL Completion Bits. Have a great day.


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