Filmmaker, Phelim McAleer Gives his Viewpoint on Fracking


For those of you who are unfamiliar, Frack Nation is a pro-fracking film co-directed by Irish filmmaker, Phelim McAleer. The film has received rave reviews from the New York Times, saying that the film is “meticulously researched and provocative”.  Now in McAleer’s viewpoint, anti-fracking lobbyists are not being totally straight with the public. There are 10 big lies that McAleer believes are being told by the anti-fracking lobbyists that he feels need to be exposed.


Here are just a few of those lies:


In McAleer’s expert opinion, the anti-fracking lobbyists would like the public to believe that they are just nice liberal-minded people who care about bringing the truth to the light. McAleer sees the activists as “angry”, not-so-open minded people who need to understand that people can disagree, and still get along.


Another lie that McAleer says the anti-fracking lobbyists want everyone to believe is this idea that fracking is untested and new.  In actuality, the first fracked well was in 1947. In the United States alone, over 1 million wells have been fracked since that time.


According to McAleer, the anti-fracking lobbyists want everyone to believe that most people are against fracking. In McAleer’s viewpoint, most people who live in fracking areas love it. Even the media is in on the “everyone hates fracking” game. In Dimock, Pa, a journalist reported that all of America hates fracking. McAleer shares that in the village of Dimock, 11 people have a lawsuit against an oil and gas company. He also shares that over 1500 people were polled in the town, and everyone but those 11 people supported the fracking. That means that approximately 99% of the village had no problem with fracking at all.


One of the biggest lies that McAleer wants cleared up about fracking, is that it uses many dangerous chemicals. According to McAleer, the real contents of fracking fluid are 98.5% water, 1% sand, and only 0.5% chemicals. Some of these chemical additives are also used in the making of ice cream.


McAleer, is the co-director of the film, Frack Nation. One of the goals of the film is to present real facts about fracking, and clear up any myths surrounding the subject, so the public can make more informed decisions.


(Source: Spiked-Online)


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