Torquato Drilling Accessories, Inc. offers a complete range of high speed HDD PDC REAMERS for dependable horizontal directional drilling.  Our HDD REAMERS are designed for smooth operation and long service life.  The compact designs and solid 1-piece construction deliver consistent reaming performance bore after bore.  If you’re doing long HDD BORES you should be looking at the industry’s premier supplier – Torquato Drilling Accessories, Inc. – for the best reamers at the best prices.  The smooth cutting performance of our HDD REAMERS eliminates excessive vibration thus extends the service life of expensive rig components.   Faster Reaming, Longer Bores, Longer Service Life.  These are the three most important reasons to use only TORQUATO HDD PDC REAMERS on your next project.   For larger bores up to 30″ please check out our very popular REPLACEABLE BLADE HDD PDC REAMER (pictured).  Contact us for details and let us show you how to complete your bores in less time with fewer intermediate sized pulls.    www.hddreamers.com

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