How Does Plugbuster Clean Solids Out of Wellbore Production Casing?

Are you under pressure to deliver a profitable wellbore? With unstable oil and natural gas prices, controlling the cost per meter for every well is vital. Work stoppages in your round-the-clock drilling operation eat into your margin.

How do you go about in-line breakup and removal of frac plugs without damage or time-wasting fishing? The hydraulic fracturing process uses tough composite frac plugs to create isolation zones. Milling them out without slowing down production is a challenge.  Plugbuster XLR is the answer. Read on to learn more.

Plugbuster XLR for Maximum Production

To make the economic case for a well, operators have to consider many variables. The margin for economic error in unconventional wells is narrow. Every delay eats deeply into profitability.

The right kind of milling bit is durable and effective. Unlike competitors, the unique Plugbuster was created for just this specific task. One pass is all it takes to drill out frac plugs, sliding sleeves and ball seats.

The old adage, “time is money” applies here. Plugbuster reduces risks and increases well production for unconventional well completions.  Choosing the wrong bit can cause several days downtime and unnecessary costs.


Plugbuster Is The Right Choice For Well Completions

Well completion operations represent a critical stage of well construction.   Proper removal of plug parts and perforation debris optimizes well production.  Plugbuster’s unique strong one-piece construction eliminates the risk of losing cones or other parts in the well. Like all Torquato products, it uses premium quality polycrystalline diamond materials. Tough tungsten carbide inserts on the built-in stabilizers protect the gauge from excessive wear.

Our Plugbuster features a tight tapered design to grab and grind away the toughest materials in the tightest spaces. We manufacture custom sizes from 2.650” to 10-5/8” to meet the needs of any project.

The multiple-blade design provides maximum coverage while simultaneously producing the smallest cuttings possible. The pattern of the cutters ensures that no large debris passes. The fine cuttings then quickly removed from the well by front-facing flushing ports.

Once and Done

Count on Plugbuster’s reliability and durability to get the job done. Tough materials, one-piece construction and years of expertise mean that you can count on it to go into a well and stay there until the job is done.

Plugbuster is the ideal tool for through tubing milling. Its special design makes it the ideal tool for drilling out frac plugs, sliding sleeves, and ball seats. It is the most efficient solution for unconventional well completions.

Do you have other drilling challenges? We innovate new tools for a variety of applications and can customize sizes to meet project needs. We take a hands-on approach and can work closely with you.

Our company has more than 35 years of experience and can create solutions to your unique problems. See our other specialty PDC bits and products or contact us today.