How Plugbuster Removes Solids from Wellbore Production Casings

Many drillers struggle to make wellbores productive. As a drilling manager, it’s essential to focus on the production per meter and minimize the things that eat into your profits. That is the precise reason you should know about Plugbuster and how it helps to remove solids in the production casing.

What is Plugbuster?

Plugbuster is a milling tool that cleans out a well before production casing is applied. It is used to drill out solid materials in a single use, offering streamlined benefits to a busy oil production company. The primary purpose of a Plugbuster is to ensure that no solids are blocking the flow of liquids in your well. In a wellhead, you can use it to remove the plug from the casings. They’re also one of the best tools to drill out ball seats, sliding sleeves, and frac plugs. A Plugbuster is one of the most effective cleaning options since it removes these barriers in the span of a single trip. Here are the reasons this tool is efficient.

1. It boosts the production of a well

Any person who has worked in the oil drilling industry will tell you that the availability of a Plugbuster makes drilling easier. After all, there’s nothing worse than discovering that part of your well is wholly blocked or made too narrow for proper flow of liquid. Even your well starts to produce oil, in this case, it will not be coming out the way it should. It is in such situations that you will need to use Plugbuster and PDC drilling tools to clear the well from debris.

2. It lowers the drilling costs

By ensuring that you remove all the solids from the passage, a Plugbuster ensures that you do not spend too much time on the same task. Engineers and well diggers have often had to revisit parts of a project that they already thought was complete. In the process, they might discover that sediments had built up and undid all the good work that they had done. Unless you have the right equipment, you might wind up with a poor well. However, thanks to the help of a Plugbuster and other pieces of horizontal directional drilling equipment, you can save on the costs of completing a project. It is predicted that the horizontal directional drilling market will hit an estimated $14.95 billion by 2022, and for good reason.

3. It works perfectly for sliding sleeves

When drilling a well, you are likely to come across sections that have different types of soils and rocks. For example, some are firm and will form perfect passages as you drill through. However, you may come across sections that are not compact, and they will look like you are drilling through gravel. These sections are difficult to navigate unless you have sliding sleeves, and even then, these areas must be maintained with tools like the Plugbuster. Frequent cleaning is vital when you want to ensure your well produces quality oils.

4. It is easy to use

Everyone likes to make work easy, and oil rig employees are not any different. They want tools that will reduce the number of tasks that they have to complete at every stage. For them, a Plugbuster is one of the tools that they cannot do without. This vital component is made of a single piece of metal to avoid damage to the parts. It also ensures fast cleaning in the span of a single trip. When you want to streamline your drilling operations, there’s no better way to clean your wellbore production casings.

As you can see, Plugbuster is making things work in the oil drilling industry. When you’re ready to streamline your operations and work smarter, rely on Torquato Drilling today.