Brand New Western Made PDC Cutters

PDC Cutters for Oil Drilling Bits

We now supply brand new premium quality western made PDC CUTTERS for oil & gas, mining, HDD, water well and geothermal drilling bits at the lowest prices.

Best Quality and Lowest Prices on PDC Cutters

Our brand new PDC CUTTERS represent the absolute best value on the market today for dependable and consistent quality for demanding rock drilling applications. Our brand new PDC CUTTERS are western made to conform with strict production control standards in a controlled environment. Each PDC cutter is inspected and tested to ensure consistent quality and performance.

We offer the lowest prices on the market for premium grade western made PDC cutters.

Best Impact and Abrasion Resistance for Every Drilling Application

If you’re looking for the best impact and abrasion resistant PDC CUTTERS look no further. The highest quality standards are built-in to every one of our PDC CUTTERS to provide exceptional wear resistance and cutting edge retention. Our PDC CUTTERS are perfect for use in oil field bits.

Brand New PDC Cutters

Our PDC CUTTERS are absolutely BRAND NEW. Unlike many re-sized PDC cutters on the market that have endured many heating cycles, our PDC CUTTERS are virgin cutters – never used before. Many re-sized PDC cutters may have signs of internal fatigue due to the unknown number of heating cycles the cutter has undergone. Using re-sized PDC cutters in critical areas could easily result in premature cutter breakage and ultimate failure.

Available Sizes

Our brand new PDC Cutters are available in:

  • 1308,
  • 1313,
  • 1608,
  • 1613,
  • 1616,
  • 1908,
  • 1913
  •  1916

Range of sizes for any drilling application.

Please contact us today by phone in the USA at (570) 457-8565 or by e-mail to for pricing or additional information.

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