Frac Plugs

logoOur ADVANTAGE composite bridge plugs and frac plugs represent the latest in composite technology and down hole technology. ADVANTAGE composite bridge plugs and frac plugs are used to isolate multiple zones during high pressure frac operations.

The ADVANTAGE composite bridge plug is designed to temporarily seal a well or to provide isolation from either above or below the isolation point. The Ball Drop and Caged Ball (flow through) frac plugs allow for fluid to flow from above and below the isolation point until the ball is pumped down from the surface sealing the top of the plug.


Our composite materials can be easily milled with either a PLUGBUSTER XLR or SUPERMILL milling bit then circulated back to the surface.


  • Holds full differential pressure from above and below the plug
  • Multiple plugs may be used to isolate a series of zones
  • Strong full composite, one-piece body construction
  • Setting using conventional setting tools such as Baker 10 and Baker 20
  • Small lightweight particles minimize plugging up surface equipment
  • Custom sizes are available for heavy wall casing

ADVANTAGE Composite Frac Plug Specifications

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Faster, Better And More Reliable

Our ADVANTAGE frac plugs offer clear advantages over other plugs on the market including the compact design, trouble-free setting, advanced composite technology for faster milling, dependable sealing performance under a wide range of conditions and very competitive pricing.

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Dissolvable Frac Balls


The use of Dissolvable Frac Balls is becoming very popular by completions professionals worldwide. We offer a full range of dependable completely dissolvable metallic frac balls at competitive prices. Contact us for details.

Drill Out Up To 80 Plugs !

Our PLUGBUSTER XLR and SUPERMILL milling bits have been designed exclusively for drilling out frac plugs, sliding sleeves, frac ports and ball seats. Please visit our PLUGBUSTER and SUPERMILL pages for more details on these popular products.

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Our main objective is to supply our customers with the highest quality products and our ADVANTAGE Frac Plugs are no exception. You can depend on our over (30) years of experience to provide products for dependable performance at competitive prices. Please browse our products online or call us at (570) 457-8565.

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