Frac Zone Completion Bits

Sealed Bearing Bits For Frac Plug Milling

For over three decades, Torquato Drilling Accessories has remained at the forefront of modern drilling technology. How?  We’ve maintained close relationships with some of America’s most respected energy producers and oilfield service companies. We’ve strived to meet their demands by offering some of the finest drilling products available anywhere at the most competitive prices anywhere !


This brings us to one of our most popular products: Frac Zone Completion Bits, perhaps better known as sealed bearing roller cone bits for drilling out composite frac plugs.


Sealed Bearing Bits For Frac Plug Milling


Our Frac Zone Completion Bits feature a sturdy combination of roller and ball bearings which when put up to the challenge can endure downhole challenges to get the job done.


Additionally, our Frac Zone sealed bearing milled tooth roller cone completion bits represent the highest quality available today.  They’re most commonly used for frac plug milling where they  consistently produce small cuttings as a result of their strong sharp steel teeth.


In terms of a lifespan, Frac Zone Completion Bits have also proven to deliver consistent thru-tubing performance. We recommend the use of our Frac Zone Completion Bits on wells containing anywhere from 15 – 35 plugs.  A dependable sealing system lubricates and protects the bearings throughout the drilling process.  The seal works to protect the bearings from the drilling fluid and abrasives that can cause severe damage  and severely impact the service life of the tools.


Dependable Performance At Lower Prices


We’re proud to report that Torquato Drilling Accessories offers our Frac Zone sealed bearing milled tooth roller cone completion bits in two vital sizes: 4-5/8 inch and 4-3/4 inch. Priced at rates lower than most of our competitors, you’ll further find that our completion bits deliver dependable and consistent frac milling performance at the lowest possible prices.


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