Mudbug Mud Rotary & Reverse Circulation PDC Bits

At Torquato Drilling Accessories, we are pioneers in geothermal drilling. As the first company to offer PDC bits, we have changed the way geothermal drilling is approached. With a goal to expand product lines and improve the industry, we have developed a variety of products that have given our customers and edge over competition. We have a very hands-on approach, making our production of the MUDBUG PDC bits the most innovative in the industry.

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What Are MUDBUG PDC Bits?

mudbugThe MUDBUG PDC bit is a drilling bit that provides extreme versatility and precision, working in both hard rock and soft clay, and anything in between. Piggybacking off our Silver Bullet PDC bit that contractors have been using for years, the MUDBUG takes geothermal drilling to a whole new level. It works in various conditions that other bits simply cannot work in. Paired with our HDD reamers, you will get high quality work, every time. Because the HDD reamers come as a single body, are available in various sizes, and can withstand longer runs, the two tools working together are the perfect combination whether you are working with sticky clay, limestone, or sandstone.

What Makes MUDBUG Different?

We understand that there are other bits out there, but the MUDBUG is different in the way it provides efficient and constant drilling action. It was designed to avoid bit balling by washing away materials that are softer. A large flushing port with flow technology allows the drilling fluid to get through, improving efficiency. As a result, the bit face remains clean and the drill is able to consistently perform well under any conditions.

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If you are interested in learning more about the MUDBUG, the professionals at Torquato Drilling Accessories are standing by. We have the knowledge and expertise it takes to inform you about the different tools we offer, and will recommend to you the tools that will simplify your job. For a more efficient, profitable solution, visit our contact us page, or give us a call today at 800.500.2487.

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