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pdc-bits-pageIncrease Efficiency with Silver Bullet PDC Drill Bits

For more than 30 years, our team at Torquato Drilling Accessories has been committed to providing the best products at affordable prices. We have extensive experience working in the energy industry and understand that the job often calls for advanced,reliable equipment. We offer a full line of PDC bits that work well with traditional and unconventional drilling methods.


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Why Choose Silver Bullet Bits

We combine the latest in manufacturing techniques and design methods to develop our high-quality Silver Bullet PDC Bits. Our bits will become an essential part of your tool string whether you are drilling oil, gas, water or installing geothermal loops. Consider the following benefits of our Silver Bullet PDC Bits:

  • Solid premium grade alloy steel body
  • Our 5 and 6 blade designs work well with high-speed drilling motors and rotary rigs of all types
  • Our multi-blade designs provide balance and in-hole stability
  • Compact profile design is ideal for directional drilling applications
  • Large junk slots for maximum flushing
  • Serrated tungsten carbide inserts to prevent gauge wear
  • Silver Bullet PDC Bits Drill Faster In Shale, Sandstone and Limestone.
  • Silver Bullet PDC Bits Represent The Best Value In PDC Bits Anywhere.
  • Silver Bullet PDC Bits Feature Modern High-Performance Designs For Best Drilling Performance
  • Silver Bullet PDC Bits Are Strong 1-Piece Fixed Cutter Premium Rock Drilling Bits
  • Silver Bullet PDC Bits Are Ideal For Geothermal Drilling, Coal Exploration Drilling, Water Well Drilling And Oil & Gas Drilling
  • Silver Bullet PDC Bits Feature Fast “Rock Shearing Performance” For Smooth And Efficient Drilling
  • Silver Bullet PDC Bits Will Reduce Your Operating Cost As A Result Of More Drilling Production Per Shift.
  • Silver Bullet PDC Bits Will Reduce Your Fuel Cost Considerably Due To Faster Drilling Rates.

No matter what your industry, our Silver Bullet PDC Bits will provide maximum drilling performance and longer service life which will save you money on both fuel and labor costs.

Customized Options

We are happy to provide our clients with custom designed bits to match their needs. We offer of options and we welcome the chance to assist you to determine which features will work best for your job. We offer a wide range of sizes and competitive prices.

Get Started Today

Our mission at Torquato Drilling Accessories is to make sure you get the best quality products for your money. Whether you work in the energy industry or another area that requires dependable drilling bits you can count on us for the reliable tools you need to get the job done right. To get started today, simply browse our products online or call us at (800)500-2487.

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