PDC Hole Openers


  • PDC Hole Openers Are Available In 1-Piece Designs In Sizes Up To 26”
  • Our REPLACEABLE BLADE PDC HOLE OPENERS Are Available In Sizes Up To 30”
  • PDC Hole Openers Drill Faster And Smoother Than Roller Cone Hole Openers
  • PDC Hole Openers Have Longer Service Life Than Roller Cone Hole Openers
  • PDC Hole Openers Have No Moving Parts Which Can Break Off During The Reaming Process
  • PDC Hole Openers Eliminate Vibration Thus Protect The Drill String And Drill Machine From Damage
  • Our REPLACEABLE BLADE PDC HOLE OPENERS Can Be Fitted With Blades For 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, 26”, 28” and 30” Bores Which Represents An Economical Alternative To Having Individual Hole Openers For Each Size.
  • PDC Hole Openers Can Ream Larger Holes In a Single Pass Thus Eliminating Many Intermediate Size Bores Which Saves Money In Time, Labor And Fuel Costs.

TORQUATO PDC Hole Openers will lower your costs while increasing your drilling performance.

Our Replaceable Blade PDC Hole Opener is the perfect tool for large diameter HDD bores. We offer our unique design for hole sizes ranging from 18” to 30”. The sets of bolt-on blades are precision machined and manufactured from premium grade alloy steel to withstand even the most challenging conditions. Smoother operation and the ability to make larger holes with a single tool result in significant cost savings. The smooth cutting action of PDC cutters results in less damage to your drill string and rig. Our Replaceable Blade PDC Hole Openers allow our customers to ream larger and longer holes in a single pass thus eliminating the need for incremental bores. For example, our 30” Replaceable Blade Hole Opener can effectively ream from 18” to 30” in a single pull.


Sets of replaceable blades are available in 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, 26”, 28” and 30” sizes.

Unlike fabricated hole openers using welded on rock bit cones our Replaceable Blade PDC Hole Openers use PDC drilling technology which results is considerably faster drilling rates and much longer tool service life.

Let us show you how to cut your cost and increase your reaming performance. Contact us today.


18-INCH-HOLE-OPENER-004You can benefit from the increased drilling performance of PDC drilling tools with our One-Piece PDC Hole Openers. Our One-Piece PDC Hole Openers are available in a wide range of sizes from 10” to 26” at very competitive prices. We can supply our One-Piece PDC Hole Openers for either PULL BACK or PUSH DOWN reaming operations. We now make it possible for our HDD customers to ream to larger diameter bores in a single pass which results in significant cost savings in time, labor and fuel. Using our One-Piece PDC Hole Openers will increase your operating profits by eliminating incremental bores. For example our 18” One-Piece PDC Hole Opener will ream from a 6-1/2” pilot bore to a full 18” hole size in a single pull. Contact us to learn more about our PDC HOLE OPENERS.

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