Workover Bits


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WORKOVER BITS are a key product for the oil & gas industry worldwide

WORKOVER BITS are used primarily to drill out cement during well completions and well revitalization operations.
We supply a complete range of high performance fixed cutter WORKOVER BITS that deliver consistent performance and offer significant advantages over other types of workover bits on the market including traditional tricone roller cone bits.

The key to the outstanding performance of our WORKOVER BITS is the smooth cutting action of our premium PDC cutters that “shear” away the cement. This shearing action allows our bits to remove more cement in less time than tricone roller cone bits. In addition, our WORKOVER BITS don’t have any moving parts therefore eliminating the possibility of failures in the well which could result in costly downtime and fishing operations.

Why Choose Our Workover Bits?

Our WORKOVER BITS drill out cement at speeds of up to 10 times faster than tricone roller cone bits resulting in considerable savings in rig costs, fuel and labor. The average life of our fixed cutter WORKOVER BITS can be well over 10X longer than tricone roller cone bits making them your best choice for dependable workovers.

We supply WORKOVER BITS in a wide range of sizes from 3-3/4″ to 8-1/2″. Special sizes are also available upon request.


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