Reverse Circulation PDC Bits

reverse_circulationFor over 30 years, our team at Torquato Drilling Accessories has been committed to two things: delivering excellent customer service and offering superior products. The drilling products we offer include frac plugs, PDC bits, hole openers, HDD reamers, and more. Our reverse circulation PDC bits are dependable and ideal for large-diameter water well drilling.

Performance Advantages

Using our bits can help increase your efficiency and maximize operations. Additionally, because we have pioneered their development, they are also able to:

  • Drill large wells without high volumes of mud
  • Produce a much faster rate of drilling penetration
  • Require much less drilling weight than traditional options

Unlike the traditional center flush circulation pieces, these reverse PDC bits can equate to significant cost savings for both fuel and other costs associated with operation.

reverse-circulationHow It Works

When using a reverse bit, the borehole will be flooded with mud so it can flow freely downward between the wall of the well and the drill string. Once you reach the bottom, the mud will move across the bit face, transporting the cuttings into the central collection chamber of the bit. The mud and cuttings are then forced to the surface, where they will be moved into a pit for the solids to settle. In addition to water well drilling, our reverse bits are ideal for mining applications. Many contractors prefer our PDC bit because the cuttings that result from the process are much larger than the ones that stem from using DTH or tricone methods.

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Whether you are looking for frac plugs, PDC drilling bits or other pieces necessary to your operations, you can count on Torquato Drilling Accessories to provide you with the highest quality versions. We are happy to customize items based on the requirements of your project, and we have experience working across the country as well as around the globe. To find out more about our products and services or to place an order today, please fill out our online contact form or call us toll-free at 800-500-2487.

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