Re-Fracturing Oil & Gas Wells

The latest trend in the oil & gas industry is the RE-FRACTURING of previously fractured wells.

This process is extremely beneficial since it re-stimulates the shale formations to increase the flow of oil & gas.

The cost of RE-FRACTURING is cost effective in comparison to drilling and completing new wells.  For example the typical cost to RE-FRACTURE an existing well is approximately US$ 1 MILLION in contrast to the cost of drilling a new well of over US$ 12 MILLION.  The process of RE-FRACTURING can often improve the well performance considerably to as a much as 90% of the original well production.

We specialize in the small diameter tools used in the 3-1/2″ LINERS including our very popular 2.650″ PLUGBUSTER bits for drilling out the small diameter frac plugs.  The PLUGBUSTER is the best tool for this purpose and has consistently out-performed all other bits or mills for these RE-FRAC completions.  Please visit our PLUGBUSTER page for further details or contact me anytime if you wish to discuss our products.

Our 2.650″ PLUGBUSTER bits are ideal for RE-FRACS in 3-1/2″ liners..

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