Recognizing The Hazards & Precautions Of Oil Drilling

Torquato Drilling Accessories is here to offer you premium drilling tools like PDC bits and frac plugs. We also want to help you better recognize some of the most prevalent hazards of oil drilling and what you can do to take the proper precautions to safeguard your employees. Teach yourself and your employees how to remain as safe as possible while you’re drilling.

Drilling Fluid

There are several different types of dangerous fluids that are used during drilling procedures, many of which can lead to hazardous chemical reactions, injuries, falls, explosions, and burns if they aren’t handled with care. We recommend that you follow all safety procedures recommended on Safety Data Sheets in addition to using face, respiratory and eye protection. Make sure your employees mix chemicals in the proper containers and that you have emergency showers and eyewash stations nearby.

Starting to Drill

As you’re using your new PDC bit and starting drilling procedures, beware of workers being struck or being caught between collars, tongs, chains, and pipes. There’s also a chance of physical injuries while bit breakers are being moved and during lifting. Suggested safety precautions include:

  • Correctly handling and latching tongs
  • Position workers behind the tong’s swing radius
  • Go slow while tongs are being lifted in order to decrease swing momentum.

It’s also a good idea to create a thorough blowout prevention program in the event that well control is ever lost.

Breaking Out Pipe

While breaking out pipe, there is a risk of workers being struck by pipes, tongs, equipment and slips. Make sure all cables, lines, and tongs are well inspected at the beginning of the workday or tour. It’s also best that individuals who aren’t working tongs steer clear of the swing radius. You should also make sure that communication is constant and well-maintained between the floor crew and the driller.

For more drilling safety tips, or for quality drilling accessories at a great price, get in touch with Torquato Drilling Accessories today.

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