Increase Well Production By 50% Or More

In a time where increased efficiency is paramount to oil & gas producers worldwide we are pleased to promote our PLUGBUSTER wellbore cleanout bits. The PLUGBUSTER is a well-established completion bit that has already received worldwide recognition as one of the premier bits on the market for drilling out composite frac plugs, раздвижные рукава, ГРП портов и мест мяч. Now the PLUGBUSTER has a new role in rehabilitating older producing wells to increase production by 50% или больше !

Over time producing wells develop scale, sand and other solids inside the well casing creating restrictions and impacting the normal flow of oil to the surface. Now with our PLUGBUSTER cleanout bits you can easily and efficiently drill out this scale to increase well production and efficiency.

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We have been serving drilling contractors worldwide since 1982. It would be our pleasure to serve you !!

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