The Benefits of the Using the Plugbuster for Drilling Natural Gas


The discoveries of new natural gas locations are occurring weekly, and it appears that numerous parts of North America are along those locations. In fact, fields have been found in Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Arkansas, just to name a few. Industry studies estimate that there is so much gas waiting to be pumped, (approximately over 2000 trillion cubic feet) that it is enough to cover U.S. gas demands for the next 100 years.


As more recent discoveries are found, the drilling process and how it’s changed and evolved becomes even more important. Drilling products like the Plugbuster were created for the latest unconventional drilling needs. The Plugbuster was designed to be faster and more effective when it comes to drilling out frac plugs. This speed and efficienThe Benefits of the Using the Plugbuster for Drilling Natural Gas - Torquato Drilling Accessoriescy matters most at the completion of the drilling process. One of the major benefits of drilling with the Plugbuster is its faster drill out times, in addition to the fact that it can drill out an increased number of plugs and cement faster and with fewer problems.


Since the drilling and well completion are two of the most important parts of the process when making natural gas available for use, having the most advanced drilling equipment is extremely necessary. Once natural gas has been drilled and it has been determined that there is enough gas inside the location for extraction, the next step in the process to “complete” the well, which allows the gas to flow from the formation to the land’s surface.


While in the well completion process, it is best to be as precise, efficient and to get as much done as possible. The Plugbuster is the most advanced completion bit on the market today, saving time by drilling out the most frac plugs in record time, averaging 26 minutes per plug.


Premium products are made out of premium materials. The Plugbuster is made from solid nickel-alloy steel, which adds to its exceptional strength, allowing it to drill out plugs and cement at top speed. With the proper drilling accessories, companies save time and money while drilling and during well completion.


Other lesser quality equipment may cause cones to fall off into the well, which is a time-costing mishap. The Plugbuster’s innovative design eliminates this problem and reduces the risk of unnecessary time spent fishing out fallen cones.


The importance of using the highest quality drill accessories for natural gas drilling cannot be denied. The best choice for the job is one that is advanced in its design and saves you time and money by eliminating costly mistakes and mishaps.


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