The Plugbuster XLR

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plugbusterWe are excited to announce the release of our new product: The Plugbuster. We recognize the challenges associated with selecting the right milling tool for frac plug milling. Learn how this tool can help you drill out dozens of frac plugs without using subpar technology that wears out after a few plugs. The Plugbuster is able to mill out long strings of frac plugs without drilling. This is what makes it supreme.

Benefits of our Plugbuster

  • You won’t lose cones due to moving parts anymore.
  • It stays centered in the well casing with build-in stabilizers.
  • Cuttings are effectively removed with front-facing flushing ports.
  • Cuttings are smaller thanks to special patterned diamond faced cutters.

The Plugbuster is unique in its design. This PDC drilling tool is specifically designed for many advanced drilling operations in the natural gas industry. It has had outstanding success in drilling more plugs faster than any other bits can drill.

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