Welcome to our new Blog!

Welcome to the Torquato blog! We have provided premium drilling accessories and
PDC bits to contractors around the world for over 30 years. We are not salesmen. We
are inventors and innovators in a dynamic field.

Drilling for natural gas has evolved since we started Torquato in 1982, and we are
extraordinarily excited to offer a comprehensive line of drilling bits and tools. After the
recent discovery of natural gas as a fuel source in North America, our company has
been more dedicated to innovation than ever.

Inventors and Innovators

We do not sell used products. At Torquato, we take pride in being some of the leading
inventors of drilling technology. For example, our PLUGBUSTER has shown notable
success in real-life scenarios. It is currently used by major drilling companies to drill out
frac plugs in the final stages of projects. Basically, more frac plugs can be drilled out in
less time. After all, we have been dedicated to improving the industry for years.
Our philosophy is simple. We will sell the best products on the market for the best
prices possible. Drilling for natural gas in North America has been met with controversy
recently due to lack of knowledge. Instead of running from the challenge, we are here to
help corporations improve drilling operations and drive innovation.

New Opportunities for Product Development

Unconventional drilling methods used in the discovery and extraction of natural gas
have challenged the industry as a whole to develop superior products and procedures.
Natural gas has been recognized as an efficient and available fuel source. Instead of
shying away from innovation, we use decades of expertise to help each of our
customers find the best drilling accessories for different projects. Our individualized
approach to customer service has allowed Torquato to become a global leader in PDC
bits and drilling technology.

What Torquato Is All About

We highly encourage all clients to speak with us directly. We continually work to
improve the industry, one project at a time. Call us, email us, or chat with us online. We
are excited to hear about each challenge your project might face and what products we
can provide to make your project more efficient.

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