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Why Horizontal Directional Drilling Is Better For Your Project Than Open Cut Drilling

In the course of human history, drilling has been a large part of our construction processes. In fact, the first machine tools in recorded existence were the bow drill and the bow lathe. Naturally, drilling technology has advanced to DTH hammer bits and the like since the ancient advent of the bow drill, but the concept remains the same.

As time has progressed, new drilling methods have been established and have helped make a laborious process more streamlined and efficient. The invention of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) has become the leading technology in the drilling industry. Let’s take a look at some ways that HDD technology has surpassed traditional drilling for tackling projects involving pipe and underground utility installation.

Less Mess

Traditional drilling makes a huge mess and can be wildly inconvenient. Depending on the project, it calls for large working crews and will result in a torn up landscape for the entire length of whatever needs to be installed underground. HDD eliminates the need for large working crews and can be operated by a small team. Plus, aside from the initial dig at the start of the project, HDD doesn’t do any further damage to landscaping for the entire length of the drilling process.

It’s Cheaper

Referred to as open cut drilling, this traditional method calls for more support equipment. In the end, open cut needs other rental equipment to aid in digging, removing displaced soil, and transporting heavy gear. Those costs add up depending on the size of a project. HDD doesn’t make such a mess, thereby removing the need for extraneous and expensive support machinery.

Less Red Tape

You already know that plenty of construction projects require permit approvals. As open cut drilling is such a disruptive process, you may need even more permit approval before a job can begin. HDD doesn’t cause a fraction of the disturbance and generally requires less time for the job to be approved.

In the end, if you’re drilling for a project, horizontal directional drilling is the way to go. For efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and longevity of your project, nothing can beat HDD. If you need DTH hammer bits, mud motors, and any other odds and ends to get the job done, the HDD pros at Torquato are here to help. Get in touch with us today.