8 Reasons Why Natural Gas Is The Right Choice


Torquato Drilling Accessories creates products that make natural gas drilling more productive and efficient because we believe in the numerous advantages of the fuel. Here’s a few reasons why.


Perfect Combustion

Natural gas is made completely of methane, emitting less carbon dioxide than either coal or fuel oil. It contains only two atoms, carbon and hydrogen, meaning it’s less chemically complex and burns cleaner than comparable fossil fuels.


More Bang For Your Buck

Truck and taxi fleets all over the country are converting to natural gas. This is because it can be half the price of gasoline, with more predictable fluctuations in value.


It Stays Out Of The Way

Natural gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. It’s non-toxic in small amounts, and produces no dirty ash or soot. Artificial odor is added just so leaks can be detected.


Safer Storage
Unlike other fossil fuels, the storage of natural gas carries with it a very low threat of spill or ground contamination, avoiding the potential need for costly cleanup.  If it does spill, natural gas vents easily because it’s lighter than air.


We Have Lots Of It

There is plenty natural gas right here in the United States, with more and more being discovered all the time. This means jobs for American workers, profits for American companies, and less dependence on foreign sources of energy.


It’s Uniquely Portable

No trucks are needed to deliver natural gas. Instead, it’s delivered by way of an underground pipeline, directly to the consumer. Pipelines are weather resistant, and the natural gas delivery only loses about 10% of the total fuel.


You Can Count On It

Even when the electricity goes out, natural gas should continue to cook your food and heat your water. In addition, most appliances that use natural gas as fuel need a very limited amount of maintenance.


There Are New Uses Every Day

In addition to its more commonly considered uses, natural gas also serves as a raw material for various products, an ingredient in clean diesel, and as a fertilizer for ethanol.




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