Why PDC Bits Set The Standard In Toady’s Drilling Industry

The act of drilling deep down into the earth is a delicate art. Perhaps no industry puts forth a better example of how scientific research combined with brute strength can help man reach beyond his grasp than that which you see in oil field drilling. Overcoming the many challenges posed by the subterranean systems in which you drill requires not only a firm understanding of the region’s geology and petrology, but also access to the best equipment available on the market. Despite the many claims made by manufacturers, you’ll quickly find that not all oil drill bits are created equal.

H2: PDC vs. Tricone

Many view the deep oil field industry as having been built on the back of the tricone drill bit. Using an innovative design of three cones rotating on lubricated bearings, tricone bits allowed for deeper and more effective borehole drilling than the other product offerings of the day. Yet recent years have seen advanced PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compacts) technology set a new standard in drilling effectiveness.

PDC bits offer a number of distinct advantages when it comes to deep core drilling that tricone simply can’t match. These advantages combine to allow for improved operational effectiveness in the following key areas:

  • Design: By combining fine-grained diamond particles with tungsten carbide, PDC drill bits consist of no moving parts while being equally effective at fracking.
  • Durability: Because of their design, PDC drill bits have a longer life span than tricone. They’re also able to achieve a better Rate of Penetration under optimal conditions.
  • Costs: Because one PDC bit can drill further and faster without needing to be replaced as often as a tricone bit, you’re able to save money over the long-term through improved performance and decreased replacement costs.

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled into thinking that, when it comes to deep oil well drilling, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Because of their superior design, outstanding durability, and long-term cost effectiveness, PDC drill bits are quickly becoming the preferred drill bit of the oil drilling industry. Yet just as not all drill bits are created equal, neither are all drill bit retailers.

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