Thru Tubing Tools 

We specialize in the design & manufacture of thru-tubing PDC tools for frac plug drillouts, horizontal oil & gas well completions, refraccompletions, cleanouts, workovers and andother well bore interventions.

We ship internationally !



The PLUGBUSTER is the most efficient wellbore clean out tool for removing scale, cement and other solids from wellbore production casing. The tapered profile, strong one-piece construction and premium quality PDC cutters provide fast and efficient cleaning in a single trip.



The SUPERMILL has no moving parts unlike tricone bits that can break off causing delays and expensive fishing operations

The SUPERMILL is designed for dependable performance on
long horizontal laterals including up to 130 frac plugs …or more!


Refrac Completion Bits

The economics of refracturing show significant cost savings in comparison to drilling and completing new wells. A popular method of refracturing an existing well involves installing a 3-1/2” liner inside the existing production casing.

Leading supplier to drilling contractors
worldwide since 1982

Torquato Drilling Accessories, Inc. opened its doors in 1982 with a focus on becoming one of the leading suppliers of oil & gas well thru-tubing PDC completion bits and well intervention bits.

Today after celebrating more than 40 years in business, owner Tony Torquato is respected as a dependable and trusted supplier of reliable drilling solutions for the oil & gas industry.

Our business presently supplies major oil field service companies, tool companies, motor companies and energy companies worldwide with our most popular thru-tubing products including our SUPERMILL, PLUGBUSTER, and MUDBUG.





Gas Drilling

Why Are Torquato Thru-Tubing PDC Bits Better Than The Rest ??

We are often asked this question. The answer is simple. Since we only design and manufacture Thru-tubing PDC Bits we make it our business to do it better than anyone else. Every one of our thru-tubing PDC bits is made from a strong one-piece steel forging. There are no moving parts on any of our thru-tubing PDC bits. That means there is nothing to break off during the drill out process which eliminates the need for costly fishing. Next our thru-tubing PDC bits are made to exacting specifications and we use nothing but the best components. Finally and most importantly we use our own proprietary brazing process which ensures a secure bond Between the PDC cutters and the bit body. Our thru-tubing PDC bits are not only the best looking bits on the market but they are the most consistent performing bits you can buy.