Plugbuster refrac

Refracturing is the future!

Refracturing older oil & gas wells is a growing trend across the country. A typical horizontal oil or gas well drilled into tight shale formations can show dramatic decreases in production as early as 12 months after original completion. With tens of thousands of older poor performing oil & gas wells, producers have begun a refracturing campaign to re-stimulate these wells in an effort to increase well production. A successful refrac can result in significant increases in well production.


Significant cost savings of refracturing

The economics of refracturing show significant cost savings in comparison to drilling and completing new wells. A popular method of refracturing an existing well involves installing a 3-1/2” liner inside the existing production casing. The liner is cemented in place and perforated accordingly. The perf and plug method is by far the most popular method today for the vast majority of refracturing programs.

You can always rely on Torquato Drilling Accessories for refrac completion bits that get the job done right. Don’t mess around with carbide mills. Our small diameter Plugbuster completion bits extremely strong and are available in a range of sizes including 2.650”, 2.750” and 2.850” for dependable and consistent drill out of either dissolvable or composite frac plugs.

Put our experience to work for you.

Torquato Drilling Accessories has been supplying Plugbuster completion bits for many years. With the concept of refracturing gaining popularity you can depend on genuine Plugbuster completion bits to drill out more plugs in less time than any other tool on the market. A successful refracturing program can increase well production by as much as 80%.

Torquato Drilling Accessories has more than 35 years of experience in the drilling industry.

Our Plugbuster is the best refrac completion bit you can buy. Don’t settle for anything less.

For the best in refrac completion bits you can count on our many years of experience to get you the right completion bits to get your refracs done quickly and efficiently.

We Designed A Special Line Of Small Diameter PLUGBUSTER Bits For Drilling Out Frac Plugs Inside 3-1/2″ and 4″ Liners.

2.650″ ● 2.750″ ● 2.850″ ● 3.125″ ● 3.250″


  • Strong 1-Piece Construction
  • Tapered Profile For Effective Milling
  • Premium Grade PDC Cutters

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