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America’s #1 PDC Thru Tubing Well Intervention Mills
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Designed exclusively for drilling out frac plugs

We designed the SUPERMILL exclusively for drilling out frac plugs. The SUPERMILL is known and respected worldwide as the most dependable tool for effective and dependable frac plug milling.

The primary advantage of using our SUPERMILL is the elimination of expensive bit trips. As an added benefit the SUPERMILL has no moving parts unlike tricone bits that can break off causing delays and expensive fishing operations. The SUPERMILL is designed for dependable performance on long horizontal laterals including up to 130 frac plugs ………. or more !!

Don’t mess around with imitations or copies. Demand the best. Demand a genuine SUPERMILL for your next drill out.

SUPERMILL Built-In Features

  • Solid Steel 1-Piece Extended Profile Design To Reduce Torque
  • Load Balanced PDC Cutter Placement For Smooth Milling
  • 100% PDC Cutting Structure
  • Average 8 – 15 Minutes Drill Time Per Plug
  • Small Plug Parts
  • Stabilization Including Tungsten Carbide Gauge Protection For Long Laterals

Supermill in Action

Illustrated video of the SUPERMILL and why it is the best tool on the market for drilling out frac plugs. Illustration shows the SUPERMILL in action.

What is supermill

An introduction to SUPERMILL proudly brought to you by Torquato