America’s #1 PDC Thru Tubing Well Intervention Mills

We designed the SUPERMILL exclusively for drilling out frac plugs. The SUPERMILL is known and respected worldwide as the most dependable tool for effective and dependable frac plug milling.

The primary advantage of using our SUPERMILL is the elimination of expensive bit trips. As an added benefit the SUPERMILL has no moving parts unlike tricone bits that can break off causing delays and expensive fishing operations. The SUPERMILL is designed for dependable performance on long horizontal laterals including up to 130 frac plugs ………. or more !!

Don’t mess around with imitations or copies. Demand the best. Demand a genuine SUPERMILL for your next drill out.

SUPERMILL Built-In Features
  • Solid Steel 1-Piece Extended Profile Design To Reduce Torque
  • Load Balanced PDC Cutter Placement For Smooth Milling
  • 100% PDC Cutting Structure
  • Average 8 – 15 Minutes Drill Time Per Plug
  • Small Plug Parts
  • Stabilization Including Tungsten Carbide Gauge Protection For Long Laterals

We now offer FACTORY DIRECT PRICING for tool companies and service companies. Deal direct to get the full benefits of our SUPERMILL including the best possible price !!!


Big Firm Resources

We invest tens of thousands of dollars in global M&A data. We have comprehensive data on all investment groups, venture capital firms, angel investors and corporations globally. We know the ownership tree of every company globally. We know which investment firms have cash to invest and when. We have data on 102,000 buyers globally.

Talk to Oilfield Buyers Every Day

Every day we speak to oilfield companies & Buyers. We know what buyers are seeking to acquire and why. We know up to the minute corporate and investor oilfield growth and M&A strategies and how those apply to our client companies.

25 Years M&A Experience

Our principals individually have 25 years of M&A experience. It is the years of experience that allow an M&A professional to understand how to apply what has been learned on prior deals to current deals in order to get deals done. There is no substitute for experience. We have closed hundreds of deals.

Oilfield Specialization & Expertise

We specialize in oilfield deals. We know how to market oilfield deals to get the highest value for our clients because we know what buyers are seeking because we talk to buyers and investment groups every day.  We understand the complex oilfield synergies between buyers and sellers and can identify synergistic buyers that can (because their synergistic P&Ls post-closing are instantaneously more profitable – duplicate cost cutting, etc), and are motivated (have strategic reason to acquire-market share, basin diversity, customer leveraging, etc.), to pay the highest value for our client companies.

60 Year Oilfield Experience

The principals of FW have a combined 60 years of oilfield experience including M&A and operations. We understand the oilfields of the United States and the complex synergies between buyers and sellers. Our oilfield experience enables us to maximize value for our clients.

Big Firm M&A Process

Our goal is to bring big bank services and processes to smaller companies that the bigger M&A firms will not assist. We do not post listings on a website and cross our fingers. We are a pro active M&A firm that executes a big bank process within a time frame. We maximize synergistic buyers at the table, create an auction process, and maximize value for our clients.